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Back to work
neko kun
Well I've completed my two weeks of training at my new job and so far things are going well. The best thing is that the people around me are helpful and supportive. It is a different, better feeling than at my previous company...

A company I had been interested in has asked me to come in for an interview based on a phone screening I did in February. They are interested even though I told them I have a job and am not available until mid-September. I'll try to find a way to do the interview - it is for a permanent role as a localization program manager (a higher rank than my current role). No expectations but as long as I can work it in to my schedule there isn't much to lose by going ahead.

Our young gymnast has her State Meet tomorrow. This is the big one for this year. She hasn't been consistent so it will be a nervous affair but she is capable of doing well if she can pull off 4 good routines.

I have to finish my final essay for my online writing course today. I'm not at all happy with it and have lost interest in the topic so this will be an uphill battle but I just have to finish it and submit it. If I get a C I'll still pass the course and I'll have gotten out what I wanted so I guess it is okay. I'll be glad when it is done...

I guess I should get to it.


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I'm glad the new environment is more supportive. It's so typical that, after such a long job search, you get this feeler for a new job right when you've just started another one. The universe has a twisted sense of humor.

Good luck to Monica at her meet. As long as she gives her best effort, I'll be proud no matter what the result.

Do you have a 6 month contract only or is it renewable? Have fun at the meet. She can do it :)

Glad to hear the new place is more supportive. I agree there is nothing to lose in going forward with the new bite too.
Best to the young gymnast.

I hope the paper is coming along well, or even better, is completed by now. Meanwhile, good luck to your young gymnast at her meet and you with your continuing job adventures! And, happy birthday month! A card will be on its way to you, but probably won't reach you by Tuesday.

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